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A study finds that essential fatty acid supplementation rich in Omega 3s normalized the skin of dogs with atopic dermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common condition in dogs (and cats). Red, itchy, scabby, scaly skin is commonly how owners see this. Usually, treatment is a combination of corticosteroids, but the condition often recurs. The most common cause of visiting the vet is for skin related problems, and atopic dermatitis is one of the main reasons.

The real cause of AD is not known clearly, however what we do know is that dog, cats (and humans) with atopic dermatitis have abnormal lipid profiles between skin cells (the epidermal lipid barrier).

The theory is that changes in the lipid profile shift the skins immune system to the on position, making it more likely to react when not required. With changes in the lipid barrier, skin also loses more water, and this is one of the reasons owners see dry scaly skin in their pets.

Researchers in France found that treatment with a supplement rich in Omega 3’s and Omega 6 fatty acids moved that lipid barrier to normal over 8 weeks.

The average western diet is too low in Omega 3’s. It is difficult to find supplements that provide high proportions of high-quality Omega 3’s. Fish oil supplements have been found to often be oxidized (rancid), and fish oil supplements have a high environmental footprint.

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