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Feline Specialist's Testimony on the Amazing Benefit of the use of Hempooch Hemp seed oil in Cats

Andrea and I took on a rescue cat from Paddington Cat Hospital. She is a domestic long hair – a dark torty. She was raised as an orphan by one of the vet nurses. As a result, she has ‘some issues’ as these cats tend to from lacking maternal and sibling interactions.

One issue is that despite earnest attempts, we cannot get her to eat natural food – fresh meat on the bone. At best, we can get her to eat some fresh meat mixed with commercial canned food. Because of physiological hair ingestion, she tends to eat well for several days, then gradually go off her food to some extent, then vomits up a hairball, then eats well again. This is an ongoing cycle. This is prevented by regular Catalax products (caramel flavoured paraffin) , but she does not like them, and they are messy. At the suggestion of a colleague, I tired Hempooch soft gel capsules. These are big gelatine capsules containing an organic hemp seed oil, but, there is a pure oil with a dropper bottle available as well.

As with most large slippery capsules, they are very easy to give – they glide down the hatch as long as you are confident and deft. We give them once a day just before the evening meal.

Since starting them – there have been several improvements. The cat to date has stopped vomiting up hair balls. As a result, appetite is consistent, and consistently better – and as a result she has put on some condition. The coat is smoother and has more gloss due to increased lipid on the fur one assumes. And she is more affectionate. Really! I suspect they are benefits from high quality fatty acids in the diet, and as well, the release of hemp oil in the stomach when the gelatine is digested by the gastric acid. The hemp seed oil lubricates ingested hair, which is then more likely to pass through the gut, rather than form a trichobezoar in the stomach. I do not have shares in the company, and maybe it is just me wanting to see an improvement, but i actually think there is a noticeable improvement in the overall health of the cat. Its only n = 1, but its such an easy thing to give. Years ago, I found Efavet capsules were similarly helpful in my feline derm patients, but they seem to have gone off the market. I am currently considering giving these Hempooch capsules to Andrea!

Dr Richard Malik DVSc PhD FACVSc