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Hemp Seed Oil and Modern Equine diet

According to the Kentucky Equine Research The benefits of feeding fat as a source of energy to horses are common practice in the modern day Equine world.

Fat is scarce in forages and is therefore a seemingly unnatural feedstuff for horses, but its nutritional advantages are now well recognised. Substitution of starch with fat can help relieve painful muscle conditions, modify behavior and help control metabolic condition.

The Kentucky Equine Research further stated that Modern equine diets tend to provide a skewed ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, underproviding omega-3s and oversupplying omega-6s. Cereal grains such as oats and corn, as well as many vegetable oils, are high in omega-6s, while hay and pasture provide omega-3s, despite being low in total fat content. Canola and soy oil have an adequate omega-3 content, though still lower than the amount of omega-6 provided.

Too many omega-6s and too few omega-3s can result in excessive inflammation in the body. Therefore, having adequate amounts of omega-3s in the diet to moderate the pro-inflammatory response of the omega-6s is desirable.

At Hempooch, we provide the perfect Vegan, Organic, Chemical free and sustainably cold pressed Australian hemp seed oil supplement and shampoo for your beloved horses that provides the one of the world's richest source of omega 3 that helps to re-establish the omega balance and reduce inflammation in your horse's body.