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Is there a big difference between Fish Oil & Hemp Seed Oil?

Fish is well recognised as one of the richest sources of anti-inflammatory Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Most people are unaware that Hemp Seed is as rich a source of Omega 3’s and also contains an abundance of alpha linolenic acid and gamma linolenic – also key anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s.  

But there are some key reasons why Hemp seed Oil has clear benefits over fish oil supplements.

Softer Environmental Footprint

Hemp Seed Oil comes from the Hemp Plant, an earth friendly and sustainable plant that is both easy to grow, pest resistant and relatively simple to cultivate. Processing the oil is as simple as cold pressing – a totally different impact than industrial farming of carnivorous fish.

No Potential Bioaccumulation Of Heavy Metals and Toxins

Almost all fish oil supplements come from predator fish, like salmon. These fish are at the top of food chains, so they concentrate any toxins and ocean pollutants. Predator, top of the food chain fish such as Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, King Mackerel and Sharks can contain measurable levels of mercury, chlordane, dioxin along with other ocean pollutants.

No Instant Oxidation of Omega 3’s

The main Omega 3 fatty acids in fish (EPA and DHA) are unstable and almost instantly oxidise. Oxidized Omega 3’s loses their anti-inflammatory benefits (in fact they can cause free radical formation). Eating oxidized fish oils has been claimed promote fatty plaques in the arteries and could hasten neurodegenerative changes.

Around the world, studies have shown that up to 100% of commercial fish oil supplements exceed international limits for oxidation and a recent study in Australia examined 26 well known supplements with 38% exceeding the limits for primary oxidation. The study, which used off the shelf purchases, stated that consumers risk paying for a product that at best has no value. This essentially means that the most off the shelf fish oil supplements are highly likely to be oxidised and in turn be of low product quality and offer little health benefit.  

Hemp Seeds on the other hand, when cold pressed into oil remain stable for long periods of time so their freshness is guaranteed. This means the Hemp Seed Oil can still deliver anti-inflammatory benefits from the Omega 3’s, fatty acids, and other nutrients over longer shelf life.

So, where to from here?

No supplement will ever replace a balanced diet with exercise and lots of love.

Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil pet care supplements are made from 100% Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Organic Australian Hemp Seed Oil. A sustainable and environmentally friendly supplement rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, gamma linolenic acid, and alpha linolenic acid.

Combined with Hempooch™ Shampoo & Leave In Conditioner it’s the ideal combination to keep your furry friend healthy on the inside and glowing on the outside.

Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil is also produced in a TGA registered GMP facility in Sydney, Australia, with quality and freshness guarantee.


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