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Tiny’s 9 lives – A Feline Story

Let’s meet Tiny, she’s just celebrated her 17th birthday! (Cue Kool & The Gang’s – Celebration). Dr Viv adopted Tiny as a young adult from the RSPCA 16 years ago and she has ruled the house since then.

Tiny has been the sweetest and most affectionate cat that had no major health issues apart from falling out a 5th story apartment window when she was 3!

But… around 12 months ago, she started to lose weight and drinking a lot of water. Dr Viv ran multiple blood tests but could not figure out why.

Tiny’s body weight dropped below 3kg and no matter what remedy Dr Viv tried, her weight continued to be exceptionally light (even for a small cat), stabilizing at 2.9kg for the last year.

Enter, Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil.

2 week ago, Tiny started taking the Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil orally. She loved the taste, and it was easy to add into her favourite meal. During this time, her appetite improved, and she has started to gain weight brining her back to a healthy range and improving her overall wellbeing. She now weights in at 3.05kg and owns it like a feline should!

Tiny has also had several luxurious baths with Hempooch™ Pet Shampoo & Leave In Conditioner with Hemp Seed Oil in Cherry Zest scent. A luscious mix of cherry, berries and zesty citrus that has made her coat look and smell fabulous.

Tiny and Dr Viv are now converted fans of the Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil range as Tiny’s tail continues.