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Hemp Seed Oil Liquid 500ml
Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil Liquid 500ml for Pets
Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil Liquid 500ml for Pets
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil Liquid 500ml for Pets
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil Liquid 500ml for Pets

Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil Liquid 500ml for Pets

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Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil is the perfect organic and natural alternative to fish oil and animal-based supplements. Great for maintaining healthy skin, joints, and general wellbeing. The 500ml bottle is great if you have multiple pets or for larger animals like horses. 

Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil is made from 100% pure Australian Hemp Seed and contains Omega essential fatty acids, Gamma linolenic acid and a wide range of vitamins and antioxidants. Fatty acids have a role in maintaining a normal healthy skin and coat, decrease inflammation, and are a source of extra energy for animals.

Giving it to them is easy. Simply add the required amount into their favourite meal.

For Dogs
Small animals (under 10kg) - 0.5ml
Medium animals (10-24kg) - 1ml
Large animals (25kg+) - 1.5ml

For Cats
For our feline friends, we take a daintier approach and go with drops rather than by the dropper full. It's best to start with 1 drop and increase to a maximum 3 drops per day.

For Horses
Simply add 20ml to 30ml to food or give to them directly. This can be used with other Hemp Seed Oil products, however not exceeding 100ml per day.

Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil aids in making your pet look and feel their best, every day. They give us unconditional love, why not return the favour?

Hempooch™ Hemp Seed Oil | 500ml Liquid - Pet Supplement

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Debbie M

We have a very barky anxious Maltese cross shih tzu. She follows me around the house everywhere ( which is cute of course) however since giving her this daily she is much less barky when outside on the verandah, she’s not following me everywhere- she’s happy to stay in her spot! She’s sleeping better too ; sleeps with us and often moving around a lot but not anymore. Out in the car she is barking less if we stop or she sees people ( she’s a fierce protector lol) It’s truly been a godsend! As a side bonus, we hope it helps her arthritis - she does get monthly injections for arthritis, but this certainly can’t hurt! Thanks

Jacqueline CARNELL
Dogs with issues

My dogs have cushings and eczema it has helped to improve their condition and keep it from getting worse

Karelle Y
Buddy n Bear just started on oils drops

I got Buddy from a rescue centre in Blacktown NSW. He had very bad teeth and the vet said they need to come out asap. Has he has been badly mistreated and suffers badly with anxiety. Vet said Buddy wasn't aged between 8...12 yes old...rather7/8. He is my pooch and is never not near me. So during the 6 yes with Buddy I have used several different methods from companies with there powders for gut etc. I have always wanted to let him live his life to the fullest with less pains and allergies. So when I typed Hemp oil for dogs on Google... I strolled down the page and found Hempooch which is local to us at Westmead. Just wondering exactly how much do I administer the drops...Buddy weighs 4kgs ? I ordered and received the bundle of oil and shampoo n conditioner and also got the large glass bottle of oil. As I also have a very large part Persian male desired cat. So I going g ti try Bear on the drops as well but like Buddy it's only small amounts... Bears about 6 /7 kilos ?. So only been a few days...I have seen Buddy not shaking like normal. He loves being with me but so scared to ever take him long distance trips....he gets that's bad... wait for your replies Cheers Karelle

Annie M
Hemp 4 the Rescue

Trialling hemp oil for older rescue dog's anxiety. After 2 weeks he is brighter, more active & cheerful however too early to tell if a real reduction in reactive behaviours.

Sandy Lavender
Hemp Seed Oil

My 3 cattle dogs love this oil. There coats are looking great. One dog with troubling itchy skin is not itchy any more. They line up waiting for it after dinner.